soutenir la religion dans une société pluraliste et dans la vie publique canadienne

Why Deep Dialogue?

Our blog name, Deep Dialogue, reflects the nature of our interaction in the Canadian Interfaith Conversation.  We believe that people of any faith tradition or philosophical background can work together for the common good — and do so more effectively if they understand and respect their deep differences.

How is it that reflecting on our deep differences leads to greater, not less, harmony amongst us? Is it not more logical to ignore the differences and focus instead on the things we have in common?

Deep Dialogue recognizes that we can do more together, and do so better, when we provide opportunity to talk about the things that have deepest meaning for us. Our desires to contribute to the well-being of all people come from the place where our values and beliefs reside, not from a superficial desire to get along with others. When we are able to share those things that hold deep meaning for us, we not only promote better understanding but we are also able to better anticipate where and how we can work better together.

Assuming that we are all alike at these deep levels negates for many people the very thing that motivates them. Let’s all find ways to enter into deep dialogue with others... we invite you to join us in using the Deep Dialogue blog for this purpose!

Contributed by Aileen Van Ginkel, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada